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Picnic With Us!

After you've finished your tastings of our products including olive oil, table olives, tapenades, pestos, dukkah and seasonal jams, why not ask our staff for one of our (delicious) picnic platters or takeaway picnic boxes!

What is included?

Yallingyup wood fired bread

Venison Chorizo


Brie cheese and cheddar cheese 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Artichoke and olive tapenade

Pesto Rustico

Mediterannean olive mix 

Please note: if you require the platter to be vegetarian or vegan, you are welcome to remove or substitute with other products from our shop.

Picnic's serve approximately 2 adults.

picnic platter


We are now doing preorders for picnic platters or boxes - call the farm shop at 9755 3188 to preorder your picnic so that it's ready for your arrival!

Head out, grab a table and chairs or a picnic rug and relax for a while and enjoy the picturesque gardens.

Children are welcome to play in the area, but please keep an eye out. 

Have some family fun with the mini bowling set kept in a basket at the shop's door and explore our many olive trees!

If you would prefer to eat your picnic on the road, we are happy to pack it in a picnic box.