Our Olive Oil

To achieve our aim of producing premium quality olive oil and table olives, Eagle Bay Olives grows seven different varieties of olives.  The oil varieties are processed separately, then tasted before a decision is made on which will be used in each of our two styles of oil. Our olive oil is tested and tasted each year by an accredited laboratory and tasting panel to certify it as extra virgin quality.

We produce two styles of oil, each determined by the varieties of olives used, the time of picking and the skill of blending.  The oils vary a little in flavour from year to year, similar to the variations seen in wine from different vintages, but the essential characteristics remain the same.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown, harvested and pressed on our property situated in the beautiful Margaret River region of Western Australia's South West. 


Our “Intense Fruity” style is a robust, peppery style of oil perfect for matching to stronger-flavoured foods.  It has a balance of intense fruitiness, moderate bitterness and a spicy, peppery finish. It goes well with foods such as red meats, tomato dishes, hearty soups and is usually the preferred oil for green salads..

The “Fresh Fruity” style is a medium style of oil, but still has a fruity, full flavour, with less pungency and bitterness than the “Intense Fruity” style.  It adds another dimension to finer-flavoured dishes such as risotto, fish, chicken, potato, salads, sauces and desserts.  Use it also as a dip for crusty bread or as a substitute for butter in mashed potato.