Health Benefits

Health studies show that olives and olive oil help to lower levels of bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.


As a result, many nutritionists and medical groups including the National Heart Foundation are now recommending olive oil as a healthy substitute for other fats in the diet. Olive oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fats (good fats) and contains no trans fats (bad fats) and is lower in saturated (bad) fat than other commonly used ingredients such as shortening and butter.

Olive oil is the only oil which is actually a fruit juice – in its purest form, the oil is simply 'squeezed' from the fruit, filtered and  bottled – with no contamination by any chemical processes.

The Mediterranean diet which includes plenty of olives and olive oil has long been known as one of the healthiest.

See our butter substitution chart to get more healthy olive oil into your cooking and diet.