Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the highest grade of olive oil, the only one with superior flavours and significant health benefits. It is simply the juice of fresh olives, crushed and extracted under carefully controlled conditions and temperatures. Modern mills use a high speed centrifuge to extract the oil, rather than a press, so the term 'cold pressed' has become redundant.

How should I store my Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The 3 enemies of Extra Virgin Olive OIl (EVOO) are air, light and heat. Make sure you always store the oil away from heat and light, and replace the cap tightly after each use to minimize oxidation. Casks (bag-in-box packaging) are one of the best ways to buy EVOO as they protect it from both air and light.

What is the average shelf life of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age, but a well-made oil, stored in a cool dark place, can last for 2 years unopened. Once opened, try to use it within 3 months, unless it is stored in a cask. Oil in casks doesn't oxidise and can last right up to the best before date on the label.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil better than 'Pure' or 'Light' olive oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the highest grade of olive oil and has to comply with strict international standards to be classed as such. It should always be chosen over oils labelled as 'Pure', 'Light' or '100%' olive oil, which are refined from low-grade oils and do not have the health benefits of extra virgin oil.

Can I cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Absolutely, provided it's a high quality oil. Reputable brands of EVOO can be successfully heated to frying temperatures, despite what you may have heard. If you've experienced oil 'smoking' when heated, it's probably a lower quality oil, even though it may be labelled as Extra Virgin.

What's the difference between Delicate, Medium or Robust olive oils?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can be classified into three styles – Delicate, Medium or Robust. Generally speaking, robust, peppery oils are better used with stronger flavoured foods and delicate, milder oils are better with delicate dishes. It’s a good idea to have at least two styles of EVOO in your pantry so you can choose the right one to suit your food.

Why do they say Extra Virgin Oilive Oil is healthy?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains the highest quantities of the main health-giving components of olive oil, the polyphenols. These compounds have strong antioxidant activity in the body, with many scientifically proven benefits to health. Most olive oils from the Margaret River region, including ours, are characteristically high in polyphenols, which are the same compounds which impart the desirable peppery, bitter flavours to EVOO. They act as natural preservatives for the oil, and a long shelf life is the result. Simply put, the stronger the oil, the better it is for your health and the longer it will keep on the shelf.